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Tormek #BGM-100 Bench Grinder Mount + Enlarge Image

Tormek #BGM-100 Bench Grinder Mount

Item #: 86213
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Primarily intended for turning tools, the Tormek #BGM-100 Bench Grinder Mount (BGM) is a quick and low cost way to put legendary Tormek tools to work on your bench grinder. By attaching it to the included Height Adjustment Block you can place the BGM on either side of the grinder to shape and sharpen tools quickly, then head straight back to work.

Because of the higher speed, heat, and generally more aggressive action of dry grinding, Tormek recommends using the BGM on high speed steel (HSS) tools only, and exclusively with the following accessories: the Turning Tool Setter (TTS-100); Gouge Jig (SVD-185); Multi-Jig (SVS-50); and Flat Tool Rest (SVD-110).

All other Tormek jigs should only be used on a Tormek Slow Grind Sharpening System (T2006, T7, T3, etc.). The BGM is not recommended for use with carbon steel tools.

Tormek BMG Set: Includes one Universal Support W/Micro Adjust (does one side of the grinder), a Height Adjustment block, and a detailed handbook on shaping and sharpening woodturning tools. Tormek Jigs for the BGM are sold separately. Sweden

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Give up the daily grind
By Bob Kolock on May 23, 2015
Rochester, NY United States
I have been using the Tormec grinding system for many years. Love the wet grinding concept for keeping a sharp edge. But for reshaping a tool, it's a bit slow. So when I saw this mount for my bench grinder, I ordered it. When I did a search on line, I found a bracket mount that would easily add this Tormek bar setup to my Wolverine sharpening system. Although Hartville did not carry this mount, you can get it from Tormek direct. I love the ability to switch from my Wolverine sharpening jigs to the Tormek setup in literally seconds. I am using it on my 8" variable speed grinder that I have equipped with two CBN wheels. If you have a bench grinder, this is a must have accessory, especially if you are a Tormek wet grinder owner