MicroJig SP-2 MJ Splitter SteelPro System, 1/8" Kerf

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Product Description

The popular MJ Splitter System takes a leap forward with the extra-tough MicroJig #SP-2 1/8" Kerf MJ Splitter SteelPro System model polycarbonate coated steel core splitter. Used with a zero clearance insert, the Pro Splitter adjusts to match the full kerf width, including the extra space created by any saw vibration. This unique system brings an extra measure of safety to table saw cuts by causing a feather board effect behind the blade. It helps stop stock from binding, burning, and kicking back.

Kit has 4 different splitters that can be used to cause different effects and can be installed as either as singles or doubles. Standard 1/8" Kerf Set - Has a kerf range of 0.118" to 0.145". For 90 degree cuts only. Sets also includes installation jig and drill bit. USA

Product Specs

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