Drillnado Drill Press Dust Collection Kit

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Product Description

Finally! Effective dust collection for the drill press! Most dust collection equipment for the drill press works moderately well at best, but, unlike other devices, DRILLNADO surrounds the drill chuck and drill bit to collect nearly all of the drilling debris and dust right where it's created. The Housing expands and collapses as the quill is moved up and down to maintain proper collection position and help your shop vacuum whisk everything away. No more messy piles of dust, and no more chips getting in the way of drilling operations. The Housing is simple to attach and remove so you can access the chuck and change bits quickly and easily. DRILLNADO not only keeps your shop cleaner, it also helps prevent health problems from overexposure to wood dust. USA

DRILLNADO Dust Collection Kit: Includes a Quill Fitting; an Expandable Housing; Quill Bushings; Shims; Screws; and Instructions. Be sure to measure your drill's quill before ordering to assure proper fit. Works with 2.6", 2.54", 2.16", 2.05", 1.57" quills.

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