Incra Miter Express Cross-Cut & Miter Sled

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Product Description

The 3 locking screws in the mounting dock on top of the Miter Express make it possible to "Dock & Lock" any miter gauge in seconds, converting it to the safest and most accurate cross-cut or mitering sled available.

The patented guide bar on the bottom of the dock eliminates all play in the miter slot. Even if you have an economy gauge it will work just as well as a high priced model because rides in the sled dock, not your saw's miter slot.

Need your miter gauge at another tool? Unlocking the gauge is just as fast. Miter Express handles stock up to 24" wide. System includes an Incra hold down clamp to hold small pieces safely for cutting. Miter gauges sold separately. USA

Incra Miter Express/1000SE Miter Gauge Combo (#12063) - Buy the package and save off the individual prices!

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