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John Deere #TY25797 Graphite Lubricant Spray, 12 oz + Enlarge Image

John Deere #TY25797 Graphite Lubricant Spray, 12 oz.

Item #: TY25797
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Genuine John Deere #TY25797 Graphite Lubricant Spray in a 12 oz. (340g) aerosol container. A multi-purpose lubricant ideal for solving sticking and friction problems. It also provides long-lasting lubrication without dirt and grit build-up for any agricultural, industrial, or home surface that needs a slick, protective coating. It provides a perfect maintenance coating for parts during non-use seasons. Dries to a tack-free film 60-90 minutes after application, leaving a protective, non-stick coating. Lasts longer than oil and grease. Frees sticky mechanisms.

Keeps grain flowing through augers, gravity-fed grain carts, and combine hoppers
Reduces vine-tangling and stalk-sticking when applied to corn heads
Keeps hay sliding easily on baler chutes
Keeps dirt and mud from sticking to backhoe and excavator buckets
Reduces friction and increases sliding action on skids and beams used for moving large objects
Prevents grass from clogging mowers and sticking to mower deck housing and blades
Lubricates bicycle and motorcycle chains to prevent gum-ups
Helps garage doors and drawers to slide freely

A genuine John Deere Original Equipment (OEM) part.

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