Whiteside 6710B 4-Wing Slotting Cutter, 1/4"

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Product Description

The Whiteside 6710B 4-Wing Slotting Cutter is used for running slots for panels, splines, and t-moldings, and for cutting tongue and groove joints. The Cutters are 1-7/8" in diameter with a 5/16" bore. The matching Arbors (sold separately) have a shaft length of 7/8" and come with a #RB5 bearing (allows a 1/2" depth of cut). Other cutting depths can be achieved by switching the bearing with other sizes (Sold separately. Listed below):

#RB20 - 9/16" depth of cut
#RB25 - 3/8" depth of cut
#RB26 - 1/4" depth of cut
#RB27 - 5/8" depth of cut

Cutters and arbors sold separately. Whiteside Machine Company - Claremont, North Carolina.

Arbor Specifications
DIAM = Cutter Diameter AB = Arbor Bore. CW = Cutting Width

1-7/8" DIAM X 5/16" AB X 1/4" (.250") CW

Product Specs

Sku: R6710B