John Deere #LP37052 XUV 550 S4 OPS Black Soft Cab, 4 Passenger

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Product Description

The John Deere LP37052 Soft Cab provides heavy-duty protection in all weather conditions. Fits over the roll cage to protect against rain, snow, sun and wind, and keeps the cab clean and dry in storage. Large ultra-clear vinyl side and back windows for excellent visibility. Doors can be removed for easy cab access and ventilation during warmer weather. Side windows can be opened and rolled down for improved ventilation. Mounts to the roll cage with buckles, rip-and-grip straps and self-adhesive tape. Requires front windshield. Cab is black. Two Year Warranty. An Officially Licensed John Deere Product. Imported

Fits The Following Models: Gator XUV 550 S4

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