Jevons 3D Square - Single

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Product Description

Ever wish you could clamp your shop squares right to your work to make it come out right? Well now you can! 3-D Squares can be clamped on case pieces, boxes, and drawers to hold corners square during assembly and glue-ups. Plus, they are super for making perfectly square jigs, like miter or panel cutting sleds, or tenoning jigs.

The squares are made of 3/16" thick angled aluminum, and CNC machined to a guaranteed precision of + or - .002". The legs of the squares are 6" long x 1-1/4" high, with pre-drilled holes to screw them down for permanent applications. Includes one 3D Square (Clamps sold separately). Patent pending. USA

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Sku: 67947

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  • Excellent Product

  • When these folks say their tolerance is .002, they mean it. They'll tell you how to confirm that specification at your shop. I use these to verify right angles on framing squares. I also use them to assemble drawers and cabinets. Made in USA.

  • Posted by King Waters on Feb 10, 2015