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Festool 576761 CT 48 AC HEPA Dust Extractor, Main + Enlarge Image
Festool 576761 CT 48 AC HEPA Dust Extractor, With Accessories      

Festool 576761 CT 48 AC HEPA Dust Extractor

Item #: T576761
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The Festool 576761 CT 48 AC HEPA Dust Extractor provides maximum volume, HEPA filtration and the versatility you need in the workshop or on the job site. It is designed so that you won't have any more clogged filters! The AUTOCLEAN (AC) automatic main filter cleaning keeps the filter clean and provides a continuously high suction power, and it is a OSHA Table 1 Silica dust control solution.

The CT 48 AC HEPA is capable of supporting most common jobsite tasks such as sawing, routing, planing, sanding, cutting, and site clean up. Equipped with tool-triggered operation, variable suction control, parking brake, a hose storage, and more to make work easier and more efficient.

Big jobs demand big volume and the CT 48 E HEPA AC delivers big time! Large capacity tank (48 liters or 12.7 gallons), with high volume suction (137 CFM with 96" static water lift) ensures you can keep working with fewer interruptions to empty the machine.

Includes: CT 48 AC Dust Extractor; High-Performance Filter; SELFCLEAN Filter Bag; Plastic Liner; Smooth Suction Hose (36/32mm x 3.5m AS with rotating connecting sleeves); Hose Holder; SYS-Dock with T-LOC Function; Cable Holder; Hose Reducer; and a 3 Piece Cleaning Accessory Set. Germany

Other Key Features:
- OSHA Table 1 Silica dust control solution for the applications outlined as; iii, vii, viii, x, xi, xii (always check your local guidelines to ensure the proper equipment and PPE is being used for the given application)

- HEPA Filtration helps to ensure compliance with best practices as directed by OSHA and the EPA (please check your local jurisdiction for compliance)

- AC (AutoClean) Function automatically cycles the filter cleaning action to help ensure optimum airflow and suction performance

- High volume capacity for big jobs with high dust volume reduces downtime for filter bag changes. The flat filter is fully integrated with the suction head, which ensures the full volume of the tank is utilized: This means that the gross and net container volumes are nearly identical.

- The extremely compact high-performance turbine provides the right suction power. A 137 CFM volume flow means that virtually nothing remains except clean air.

- The tapered 36-32mm hose ensures optimal airflow and keeps both the volume of air and velocity of the air at a high level, ensuring adequate dust extraction for nearly any application

- Ready to work - the included Reducer allows for connection to all Festool products with both a 36mm and a 27mm port

- Equipped with swiveling front casters and large rear wheels for optimum mobility. It also has a locking brake that provides stability on any surface as well as during transport.

- 3 Piece Cleaning Accessory Kit gives you the attachments you need to keep even the most difficult areas and surfaces clean

- Container/filter bag capacity 48/46 l

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Weight: 43.21 lbs (19.6 kg)
Power Cable: 25 ft (7.5 m)
Dimensions (L x W x H): 29" (740 mm) x 16" (406 mm) x 39-1/2" (1,005 mm)
Container/Filter Bag Capacity: 12.7 gal (48 l) / 12.2 gal (46 l)
Filter Surface Area: 979 cubic inches (6,318 cubic centimeters)
Max. Volume Flow: 137 CFM (3,900 l/min)
Max. Vacuum: 96" static water lift (24,000 Pa)