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Buddy Tools Mark-N-Guard Drywall Electrical Box Locators, 5 ct + Enlarge Image

Buddy Tools Mark-N-Guard Drywall Electrical Box Locators, 5 ct

Item #: 1498745
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The Mark-N-Guard® from Buddy Tools is a perfect solution as an electrical box locater. It locates and marks the box center without the need to measure, eliminating wasted time and money on cutout repairs. Once inserted into the electrical box, it also protects electrical or internet wires from being damaged while cutting the drywall, eliminating wire repairs as well.

Mark-N-Guards work best with 1/2" drywall, and can be used on both on single and ganged boxes. Just push the Mark-N-Guard insert into the outlet box and hang the drywall tacking it in place. The tip of the Mark-N-Guard will penetrate the drywall making the box center easily visible on the surface without measuring. Cutting around the box is a snap.

Use of Mark N Guard Tools: Prep all electrical wires by removing the outside covering of the Romex then push the wires to the back of the box a blunt object such as a hammer handle or block of wood. Insert the Mark N Guard into the electrical box and tack the drywall into place. The point of the Mark N Guard will pop through the drywall showing the center of the box. You are ready to cut out the box.

Mark-N-Guards are made with a super tough ABS material, and will nest for storage. Package includes five (5) Mark-N-Guards. USA

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