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Incra Miter 1000 Miter Gauge + Enlarge Image

Incra Miter 1000 Miter Gauge

Item #: 1439720
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Looking for a great combination of basic affordability combined with unbeaten accuracy? The INCRA Miter 1000 is a terrific choice! Incra has combined a solid-steel laser cut protractor head with a gold anodized 18" INCRA Track Fence and a red Stop Positioner to deliver perfect repeatable accuracy; whether it's a basic 90° cut-off, simple picture frames, complex compound miters, or a 20-sided object.

The Miter1000 protractor head has 41 positive angle stops in 5 degree increments over a full +/- 90° range, with special stops at 22 1/2° and 67 1/2°, plus a 1/2° vernier cursor for even finer settings. Need something other than the fixed angle settings? The gauge head offers the ability for continuous adjustment between settings.

The sliding Lexan Imperial (fractional) fence scale is graduated to 1/32", and it fits perfectly in the top slot on the fence to make stop positioning easy, fast and accurate. The included Sliding Stop Positioner adds to the Gauge's nearly unbeatable repeatable accuracy.

The GlideLock Miter bar has 6 adjustable expansion points to give a slop-free fit in any 3/4" wide x 3/8" deep miter gauge slot. USA

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