Crown CARBPROR Carbide Pro Hollowing Tip Turning Tool

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Product Description

The #CARBPROR Carbide Pro Hollowing Tip Turning Tool from Crown is a replaceable tip turning tool that is ideal for cutting coves in spindle work, the interior of bowls & vessels, and smoothing operations. It easily handles all types of woods, and excels at turning acrylic, polyester and resin materials. Unlike traditional turning tools, which nearly always benefit from additional honing, Carbide Pro tools are ready to go to work "right out of the box". The high grade USA made solid tungsten carbide cutter is made from the best Nano Particle Carbide, and is hardened to an almost unreal 93 HRC, assuring it will keep an ultra-sharp edge for a very long time. Once the tip finally does become dull you simply rotate it to a fresh edge, and keep on going.

The tool is supplied with a 17" black stained Ash handle and a super sturdy 8-1/2" long X 0.60" wide Chrome Vanadium steel blade. Together they give the tool a beautiful heft that both deadens vibration, and helps keep it on the rest. Like all similar tools, this tool is designed to work flat and level at or just below center. The blade edges are slightly rounded to allow controlled shear cuts when desired. The Round cutting tip is 15mm in diameter. The Tool has an overall length of approximately 22-1/2". Includes the Tool, a Carbide Cutting Tip & Screw, a Hex Wrench, and 2 extra Mounting Screws. England.

NOTE: Carbide Pro Cutters (Round, Diamond, and Square) are specific to the type of Tool they come with and are not interchangeable between Tool types.

California Proposition 65 Notice - WARNING: This product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm.

Product Specs

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