Crown #CARB4 TCT Cutter with Screw, 8mm

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Product Description

A long lasting 8mm (0.31") diameter replacement cutting tip for both the handled & unhandled versions of Crown's Straight (CARB1H & CARB1) and Swan Neck (CARB2H & CARB2) Probes. Cutter is made from fine grained Nano Technology Tungsten Carbide. The 360 degree cutting edge has the advantage of allowing you to simply loosen the screw and rotate it to a fresh edge when the old edge wears out. It is razor sharp from the get-go, so it will take a clean shaving and leave an exceptionally smooth surface, and for it's size it removes an amazing amount of material very quickly. Includes one Carbide Cutter with Screw. USA

Product Specs

Sku: 1394561