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Sorby SOV-RSTMDBS Sovereign TurnMaster Set + Enlarge Image
Sorby SOV-RSTMDBS Sovereign TurnMaster Set - Interior View      

Sorby SOV-RSTMDBS Sovereign TurnMaster Set

Item #: 64605
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With the Sorby Sovereign TurnMaster Set you get innovation and creative possibilities multiplied! Combining the flexibility of the modular Sovereign System and the huge functional range and ease of use of the TurnMaster System, this set delivers an abundance of efficiency and economy. Three easily attached heads make for quick switch out of tools at a fraction of the cost of separate versions. The Turnmaster System's replaceable cutting tips, available in 3 different cutting materials (HSS, Titanium Nitride, and Tungsten Carbide), virtually eliminate the tedium of sharpening. When a cutting tip wears out just replace it with a new one. England

Set Includes: Un-handled TurnMaster Shank & Head fitted with a Detail Point Cutter; a Head fitted with a Round Cutter; a Head fitted with a Square Cutter; HSS French Curve Cutter; HSS Teardrop Cutter; HSS Mushroom Cutter; HSS Dovetail/Box Cutter; 1/4" Standard Parting Tool; 12" Sovereign Handle; 4" Sovereign Handle Extension; Threaded Handle Coupler; 1/2" Tool Collets; Tanged Tool Collet; 600 Grit Diamond Credit Card Honing Plate; plus a fitted foam lined wooden storage box.

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Better than a Boxed Lunch!
By bob kolock on April 24, 2015
rochester, NY United States
Six mos ago, I bought my first EZ tools square scraper. When I saw this set, thought I'd try these and compare em to the EZ's. These Sorbys cut much smoother and do not chatter or vibrate as do the EZ's on some cuts. I was turning a small spindle just moments ago and the round EZ cutter began to chatter. When I switched to the Sorby round cutter, though I had to move the tool rest further back, it cut flawlessly with no chattering or vibration. I read one review that mentioned these Sorby tools needed the tool rest to be further away from the work than other scrapers. My experience has only been positive using these vs. the EZ's where the tool rest is much closer to the work. The Sorby set gives me many more possibilities including the shearing option which works great.