Sorby SOV-3370DBS Sovereign Spiralling & Texturing Tool Set

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If decorative woodturning is your thing this set is a must. It matches both Sorby's full size and micro sized Spiralling and Texturing Tools with the convenience, flexibility, and quality of both their Sovereign and Micro Modular Tool Systems. The range of tools and cutters will deliver a multitude of shape and pattern possibilities on both large and small projects. Add in the Decorative Techniques DVD and nifty wooden storage box and this becomes one great value! England

Set Includes: Un-handled Full Size Spiralling System; #0 Texturing Cutter; 2, 4, and 6mm Spiralling Cutters; un-handled Modular Micro Spiralling Tool; #01 and 02 Micro Spiralling Cutters, plus Micro Texturing Cutter; 12" Sovereign Handle; 4" Sovereign Handle Extension; 1/2" Tool Collet; Threaded Handle Coupler; 600 Grit Diamond Credit Card Honing Plate; and Decorative Techniques DVD, all in a fitted foam lined wooden storage box.

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Sorby SOV-3370DBS Sovereign Spiralling & Texturing Set - Interior View

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  • I am now a "decorated" turner

  • Well actually, it's my turnings that are "decorated". But you get the picture. This is a new area for me and being a fan of the Sorby line of tools, this kit gives me everything I need to dive into texturing and spiraling. A fantastic set at a fantastic price. I love the ability to store these tools in the box. One of my quirks is wanting a place for everything and everything in it's place. Need I say more. I've only used a couple of the tools so far, but the video gives great advice and instruction as to their use and am looking forward to enhancing my turning projects; taking them up to the next level. Or as Emeril says "Kick it up a notch!!

  • Posted by Bob Kolock on Sep 19, 2015