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Hart Design Red-Line Cutting Guide - 55 Inch + Enlarge Image

Hart Design Red-Line Cutting Guide - 55"

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The Red-Line Cutting Guide is an excellent straight guide for circular saws, routers, and jig saws. Measuring 55" long by itself, and whopping 110" long with the optional extension, it even handles oversize stock with ease.

Tools contact the guide more completely when starting cuts, and stay on it longer, so entry and exit cuts are cleaner and more accurate. Rugged 3" wide x 3/4" thich solid aluminum "I-beam" construction ensures that it will stay straight, without deflecting.

The Moby Cam Levers & Hold-Downs hold incredibly tight, so the guide will not shift in use and ruin cuts. Hold-downs adjust to any point along the length of the guide, and grip work up to 1" thick.

The 55" Cutting Guide comes with the Moby cam levers and hold downs. The optional 55" Extension includes connecting hardware to join both sections. Imported

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The sales clerk did not what it was for
By SjS on August 7, 2012
Columbus, OH United States
I was in a local wood working outlet picking thru a table of closeout tools. I found this item missing parts (and marked way down) and had to ask what this very heavy red beam was for. No one knew. It had value to me as a straight edge or I would use it a a guide on something. It went home with me 3 years ago. I have used it every time I need to know what was dead flat and true. Guys it's so thick it stands on its own edge ALL the way across my table saw wings and out feed table,..need a quick glance to true a jointer? Did I make myself clear? It stands on its own edge and you can walk around the table saw checking flat free handed. So what if you don't cut up large panels with it. Buy it for the best, true, flat and longest free standing straight edge, winding stick (wish it was in two colors) you will ever find.