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Hold Fast V823 Wood Stabilization System, 3 5 Quart + Enlarge Image

Hold Fast V823 Wood Stabilization System, 3.5 Quart

Item #: 21304
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If you are a turner, knife maker, or other craftsman who uses unusual woods, you'll love the expanded world of possibilities the Hold Fast Wood Stabilization System opens up. This user-friendly system utilizes the vacuum process to pull stabilizing Stick Fast Resin deeply into dry wood, especially soft or porous or spalted wood, making it into a solid piece that can be easily cut, shaped, or turned. It gives new life to wood that would otherwise be unusable.

With the assistance of a Hold Fast Vacuum Generator (#20252 - sold separately), and your own compressor, the system's 3.5 quart capacity vacuum chamber will allow you to stabilize the equivalent of up to thirty (30) 5/8" x 5/8" x 6" pen blanks. The unique Float Plate keeps wood submerged during the vacuum process, without the need for heavy weights.

Un-used Stick Fast Resin can be re-used if drained and stored properly, making this system even more economical, and the Resin cleans up easily with soap and water. The clear acrylic Chamber Cover makes it extremely easy to monitor the stabilization process for consistent and precise results.

Need even more creative options? Try the optional Resin Dye Kit (#20200) to give stabilized woods dramatic color effects. USA

Wood Stabilization System: Includes 3.5 quart (6" diameter x 7-1/4" tall) Stainless Steel Vacuum Chamber; Clear Acrylic Viewing Cover; an Anti-Float Plate; Vacuum Hose, Fittings; and Instruction Manual.

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