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M-Power Diamond Cross Angled Fine Diamond Stone + Enlarge Image

M-Power Diamond Cross Angled Fine Diamond Stone

Item #: 1399907
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This Diamond Cross Angled Fine (Red - 600 Grit) Diamond Stone from M-Power changes the sharpening angle on both the FastTrack Chisel & Plane Blade Sharpener and the FastTrack Knife Sharpener by plus or minus 2.5°. This not only more than doubles the number of times a blade can be re-sharpened between primary re-grinds, it also gives you more sharpening angle choices.

Used on the FastTrack Chisel Sharpener (#66654) the Angled stones take the number of sharpening angles from 2 (25° and 30°) to 5 (22.5°, 25°, 27.5°, 30 °, and 32.5°).

Used on the FastTrack Knife Sharpener (#1345139) the Angled Stones take the number of sharpening angles from 1 (17.5°) to 3 (15°, 17.5°, and 20°). The 15° creates a finer bevel edge which is used more widely on Japanese knives. The 20 ° creates a more durable bevel edge which is preferred for meat cleavers etc.

Like all other Diamond Cross products, this stone achieves an optimal balance between the ultra-hard-wearing nickel embedded monocrystalline diamonds and the recesses which hold the sharpening debris away from the abrasive during sharpening, reducing clogging and pasting. 3 Year Guarantee. Imported

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