Space Age Ceramics Band Saw Ceramic Guide Blocks, Delta 12" & 16"

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Product Description

Made of virtually indestructible ceramic, these ultra-smooth surface, low friction guide blocks provide excellent support to bandsaw blades. Space Age Ceramics Band Saw Ceramic Guide Blocks run cooler and provide truer tracking. Make blades run much smoother and quieter. They also reduce friction and can reduce pitch build-up on the blade. Work with blades 1/4" wide and up. Blocks must be kept clear of the blade teeth. Guide block sets come as a set of 4 that includes both upper and lower guides. Lifetime manufacturer's guarantee. USA

NOTE: Size and shape of blocks may vary from those shown in photo. See the shape and dimensions below for this set:

#49209 Delta 12" & 16" - Fit most Delta 12" and 16" band saws. Set includes: (4) 5/16" X 5/16" X 3/4" rectangular blocks

Product Specs

Sku: 49209