M-Power CRB7 Edge Guide Accessory Kit

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This accessory kit for the M-Power CRB7 Router Base outfits the base to run parallel dado's up to an impressive 7-1/2" in from the board edge - a greater range than regular edge guides offer. Can also be used to edge mold decorative panels. Depending on the task required, the Edge Guide can be fixed in 3 different positions to CRB7's base plate via 2 brass threaded inserts mounted in the Edge guide bar. 2 additional threaded inserts are located in the face of the edge guide allowing an sacrificial face piece to be added. This face piece prevents damage to the edge guide with the back of the router cutter when edge molding. Machined from highly durable ABS plastic, United Kingdom

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M-Power CRB7 Edge Guide Accessory Kit In Uuse

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