Whiteside 2056 Plunge Round Over w/Plunge Point Bit 1/2" SH x 1/4" R

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Product Description

The Whiteside 2056 Plunge Round Over with Plunge Point Router Bit is ideal for raised panel effects in doors, and for adding a bold accent to furniture or large work pieces. Increasing the depth of cut of this bit adds a nice stepped effect to the round over. It also makes nice edge profiles with the aid of a router table and fence.

The bit can be modified for following templates. Select a bearing with the same ID (internal diameter) as the shank on the bit. The OD (outer diameter) of the bearing should be the same size or larger than the large diameter of the bit. Use Lock Collar #RLC12 to secure the bearing to the bit shank.

Carbide tipped. Double flute. Whiteside Machine Company - Claremont, North Carolina.

SH = Shank Size. R = Radius. LD = Large Diameter. SD = Small Diameter. PL = Pattern Length. OAL = Overall Length

1/2" SH X 1/4" R X 3/4" LD X 1/4" SD X 3/8" PL X 2" OAL

Product Specs

Sku: R2056