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From Taunton Press, publisher of such highly respected magazines as Fine Woodworking, Fine Homebuilding, Fine Gardening, and Fine Cooking, comes the Threads 1985 to 2013 Magazine Archive DVD-ROM. It contains 28 years of instruction, tips, techniques, and tools to make you a better sewer. The Threads Magazine Archive is a tool no sewer should be without. In one amazingly easy-to-search disc, you'll enjoy 28 years of content from America's most trusted sewing magazine. That's all 170 issues of Threads, starting with issue #1 and including all the issues from 2013.

You'll get the classic articles, timeless techniques, a wealth of information on the hottest topics, plus insight from the most popular Threads contributors – all the expert advice you need to sew well-made clothes that fit and flatter. And with the 2013 Threads Magazine Archive, that information is right at your fingertips. It's a breeze to search through, and you'll know that every project, technique, and tip you find here comes from a credible source, including iconic designers, renowned instructors, and industry professionals.

* 28 Years of Threads Magazine
* Every Issue from Issue #1 to #170
* All Out-Of-Print Editions
* Over 1,500 Articles
* Over 1,800 Expert Tips!
* 130 In-Depth Fitting Articles
* Over 200 Pattern Reviews
* 70+ Quick To Make Projects

This collection from 2013 includes articles you won't find anywhere else, such as Louise Cutting's "A Better Collar" in #166, showing you how to smooth away bulky points and edges for a neater look. For a more durable and comfortable waistband, Susan Khalje has the solution in "Build a Better Waistband" in issue #165. Get pants you'll love to wear with a breakthrough process you'll find in issue #168's "A Great New Way to Fit Trousers." And for casual wear you'll love the piece from #169, "Why Bother Sewing Jeans?" where three designers weigh in on why they love sewing dungarees. After hearing from them – Kenneth D. King, Jennifer Stern-Hasemann, and Angela Wolf – you'll be hooked, too. Order this year's Archive collection to ensure you get these can't-miss pieces!

Love fashion and styles that inspire? No feature of Threads magazine has gotten as many comments as the striking back covers which, from early on, showcase an exquisitely made classic garment. But instead of hanging on to years of old issues, you can just view all of these simply stunning fashions, even those that graced the back covers of out-of-print copies – of which there are many.

The Threads Magazine Archive delivers the finest sewing advice on every aspect of the art and craft of garment sewing, from "How to Take Measurements" that appeared in 2003 to "Terrific Finishing Tips from the Pros" in issue #117. It's all here, waiting for you – 28 years of the finest sewing advice anywhere – over 1,500 articles written by the best in the business. It's an unmatched resource for techniques, guidance, and advice.

Whenever you need solid guidance in sewing clothing that says "quality" – you'll find just what you're looking for in the pages of Threads. Many of the top stories deal with perfecting the fitting and finishing skills that make all the difference between homemade and handmade. "On Fitting Sleeves" in issue #107 and "How to Fit a Perfect Sleeve" in issue #118 are two examples of the timeless techniques you'll have at your fingertips. Want better fitting pants? Just take a look at "5 Steps to a Perfect Slacks Pattern" in issue #114 – it was a real hit with our readers. Threads has covered all the topics sewers want to know about. And you won't have to sift through endless Internet results because you can trust what Threads delivers, issue after issue.

Need help fast? In just a few clicks you can find workable solutions without taking time away from your projects. For an easy way to insert a zipper, check out "The Amazing Disappearing Zipper" in issue #119. To work with velvet without striking fear into your heart, take a look at "Sew Velvet Fearlessly" from 1998. And when you must make a flawless buttonhole – because it's front and center – be sure to consult "5 Foolproof Bound Buttonholes" in issue #95 before you start. All of these solutions – and more – are yours when you order the 2013 Threads Magazine Archive. And with virtually instant search results, you'll avoid tedious hours of re-doing your work, not to mention spoiling that fabric you love. USA

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