System Three Yellow Epoxy Paste Pigment, 2 oz.

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Product Description

System Three Yellow Epoxy Paste Pigment allows you to use epoxy for decorative uses, such as putting colored stripes on your boat, colored inlays in your woodworking project - basically any epoxy application where you want to spice up the look of your project.

Clear epoxy adhesives and coatings can be colored easily. Concentrated pigment pastes, dispersed in epoxy resins, can be added in any quantity. Add the paste to the epoxy resin (Part A), then measure that mixture in the proper proportion with the hardener (Part B). If added according to these suggestions, the colored pigments will not detract from any of the properties of clear epoxy. Epoxy Paste Pigments do not mix with WR-LPU Topcoat or SilverTip Yacht Primer.

Available colors include black, white, brown, blue, yellow, green and red. Paste pigments can be intermixed to create custom colors. 2 oz. container. USA

Product Specs

Sku: 93549