Olson All Pro Band Saw Blade - 105" x 3/16" x 10 TPI

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Product Description

The performance and longer life of Olson All Pro band saw blades more than make up for the extra cost.

The Super Hard Edge (Rc 64-66) is achieved by a greater concentration of pin-point carbide, molybdenum, silicon, and chrome in the material.

This carbide structure allows the teeth to obtain a higher Rockwell hardness, increasing edge retention and durability.

The Tempered Back (Rc 40-50) provides more accurate cuts, less twist, and less back deformation. Teeth are precision milled (not stamped), and set for optimum performance.

Will cut wood, plastic, mild steel, and non-ferrous metals.

Blades are 105" long x 3/16" wide x 10 TPI (teeth per inch) x .025" thick with a Regular Tooth Pattern. USA

Product Specs

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