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Easy Wood Tools #C3000 Easy Chuck - M33 x 3 5 + Enlarge Image

Easy Wood Tools #C3000 Easy Chuck - M33 x 3.5

Item #: 68073
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The easiest wood turning chuck you'll ever use? We dare you to find one that's easier! Easy Wood Tool's revolutionary Easy Chucks have features you won't find on any other chuck. It starts with the Zoom Ring, a large outer ring that you can spin with your finger tips to move chuck jaws in and out lickety-split to just the right opening size for your project (be sure to use chuck key for final tightening).

Next come the Easy Jaws. Utilizing EWT's patent pending Snap-Lock (SLT) technology, the entire set of 4 jaws can can be popped in and out with the Jaw Key in less than 30 seconds! And you know they're safely and securely in place when you hear the tell-tale "snap" of the keeper latch. The jaw design is strong, safe, and durable. The jaws are held in place by the chuck body, not shear susceptible screws. The jaw edges are rounded to reduce the chance of injury to your knuckles.

All jaw components are hardened and made corrosion resistant for extreme durability. Chuck comes with a set of 1-3/8" Easy Dovetail Jaws as standard. Additional jaw sets are available to accommodate different project sizes and shapes.

Easy Chucks now include the Easy Chucking Screw, the world's first Double Ended Worm Screw. It has both a 3/8" end and a 1/2" end with super sharp threads for better holding power. Machined Thread Cutters on each screw tip help make mounting stock quicker and easier. The center of the screw has Chucking Flats to ensure a non nonsense grip with the chuck jaws.This mid-size chuck is 4" in diameter and weighs about 6 lbs. Patents Pending. 2 Year Warranty. USA

Easy Chuck Includes: An M33 x 3.5 threaded Chuck Body; a Set of 1-3/8" Easy Dovetail Jaws; a Jaw Key; a Chuck Key; the Easy Chucking Screw; an Owners Manual, and an Instructional DVD that includes information on chuck usage and maintenance, Turning tool use and selection, and full project demonstrations.

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