Whiteside HC5250 Spiral Compression Door-Lite Bit 1/2" SH x 1/2" D x 2-1/2" CL

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Product Description

Traditional down-cut spiral door bits on the market blow our material on the bottom side of the door after the bit dulls. This CNC Compression Door-Lite bit from Whiteside continues to perform after dulling, because the material is pulled up, instead of being pushed down. The bit is made of American tool steel, and is precision ground on a state-of-the-art CNC mill. Testing on steel clad exterior doors has shown that traditional door-lite bits will average about 12,000 lineal inches of cutting per bit, while Whiteside's Door-Lite bit averages an amazing 22,000 inches! You get cleaner cuts AND longer tool life! Designed specifically for use in CNC routers. Single Flute. 1/2" Round Shank. Whiteside Machine Company - Claremont, North Carolina.

SH = Shank D = Diameter. CL = Cutting Length. OAL = Overall Length.

1/2" SH x 1/2" D x 2-1/2" CL x 5-1/2" OAL

Product Specs

Sku: RHC5250