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Festool 204083 CT-VA-20 Cyclone Separator, Main + Enlarge Image
Festool 204083 CT-VA-20 Cyclone Separator, On Extractor Festool 204083 CT-VA-20 Cyclone Separator, Closed Festool 204083 CT-VA-20 Cyclone Separator, Sander Festool 204083 CT-VA-20 Cyclone Separator, Drywall Sander

Festool 204083 CT-VA-20 Cyclone Separator

Item #: 1337291
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Make your Festool Dust Extractor work even harder, and more efficiently, with the CT Cyclone Separator. Utilizing cyclone technology, this a compact solution to dealing with large volumes of dust and debris fits seamlessly into the Festool mobility system. Now craftsmen will not only spend less time changing filter bags, but also will use fewer bags, and spend more time doing what matters, thus increasing the efficiency of your CT Dust Extractor and minimizing its lifetime cost of ownership.

The CT Cyclone is compatible with all Festool CT 26/36/48 dust extractors, both with and without the Autoclean function; and is approved for all HEPA Dust Extractors. It can be used with any Festool machine, but its optimum use is with machines and applications with high levels of dust, such as sanders, planers, routers, track saws, and the Domino joinery system.

The CT Cyclone is sturdy and powerful, making it ideal for demanding everyday use on construction sites and workshops. Up to 80% of mineral dust (drywall, etc.), and up to 95% of coarse particles (such as sawdust), are separated and collected in the container. It delivers consistently high suction power as a result of reducing the load on the main filter, as well as a long service life thanks to sturdy components.

Retrofitting the CT Cyclone to Festool CT 26 E, CT 36 E, CT 48 E, or CT 36 AC Dust Extractors is simple thanks to a stackable collection container with compact dimensions, and a sturdy design that can be easily transported to wherever your work takes you. The Cyclone's translucent collection container makes it easy to see how full it is, and the modular design enables easy cleaning of the individual parts. Good grips on the collection container make disposing of high volumes of dust an easy and clean job. Unit includes an additional socket for Plug-it suction hoses and power tools.

The CT Cyclone us compliant with OSHA's Table 1 when used with a HEPA-certified CT Dust Extractor*, the CT CYCLONE is an anti-static** three-step filtration system that separates and collects large debris and coarse dust before it reaches the mobile dust extractor - decreasing the number of filters and dust bags that you'll need to purchase to keep your CT running smoothly. Additionally, the CT CYCLONE reduces the overall dust load on the main filter and ensures consistently high suction power throughout the work process.

*Consult for applications and details.

** Anti-static system is effective only when used with anti-static design (Festool's CT series) Dust Extractors.

CT Cyclone (CT-VA-20) Separator: Includes Cyclone Systainer; Systainer Pan; Collection Container; Hose Connector - CT-VA to CT Dust Extractor; and a Disposable Dust Liner (bag).

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Weight: 15.4 lbs (7 kg)
Max. Container Capacity: 5.3 gal (20 l)
Length: 15-5/8" (395 mm)
Height: 14" (515 mm)
Width: 11-4/8" (295 mm)

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