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M-Power FastTrack Knife Sharpener + Enlarge Image
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M-Power FastTrack Knife Sharpener

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The FastTrack Knife Sharpener from M-Power uniquely creates and maintains full bevel edges on knives, and finishes the edge using the onboard real Leather Honing Strop - all with no set-up required. Unlike many popular "single point contact" sharpeners, the FastTrack Knife Sharpener is actually good for your knives. Rather than a single point, the Sharpener has a large surface contact area between the diamond stone and knife, which creates accurate bevels that culminate in a fine blade edge.

From the research and feedback M-Power received they decided that a sharpening angle of 17 deg (or an inclusive angle of 34 deg) would offer the best all round performance for work in the kitchen. Subsequent re-sharpening is fast, as the existing bevel is met at the same point and at the same angle as the last sharpening, extending the life of the edge and ultimately the life of the knife.

The Sharpener's twin Rare Earth Magnets hold the blade at the correct sharpening angle, while the inset leather strike plate protects the knife sides from scratching. The magnets are also used to hold the Diamond Stone in place, which means they can be changed in seconds. Stones can be mounted in 4 different positions to maximize stone life. The balanced ergonomic design, as well as oil resistant Nitrile Feet for gripping the work surfaces, makes the FastTrack Sharpener natural and easy to use.

The Sharpener includes a 220 Grit Diamond Cross Stone as standard. This stone is interchangeable with those used on M-Power's DC FastTrack Sharpening System (#66654), so these other grits (Extra Coarse 100, Fine 600, and Super Fine 1200) may also be used on this unit if an even more refined edge desired. Both the Sharpener and the Diamond Stone are guaranteed for 3 years. England

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