Sorby 540-1/4L Sheaf River Skew Chisel, 1/4" Left

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Product Description

The angled point of this Sorby 540-1/4L Sheaf River 1/4" Left Skew Chisel makes it ideal for getting into corners and tight quarters, precisely paring joints, particularly dovetails, and other detailed finishing work It is capable of shearing through the toughest wood, especially tough end grain or unruly figured grain, with less fuss and less effort than a regular bench chisel. Though sold individually, most users typically buy skew chisels in pairs ( one left, one right). England

As part of Sorby's Sheaf River line, this chisel is manufactured from the finest Sheffield steel, with enduring attention to detail, each blade of Sorby's Sheaf River chisel series is made from a drop stamped, high carbon blank incorporating a specially formulated alloy to ensure a perfect balance of steel strength and edge retention.

This exceptional material allows blades to be sharpened to 0.5 of micron - four times sharper than a disposable razor. Each chisel is also diamond hardness tested - guaranteeing not one single tool leaves the factory without inspection.

The rounded handle is matched to tapered bolster and ferrule for a clean, elegant look, and a very comfortable feel in use.

Named after the river Sheaf, Sheffield's endearing testimony to the steel industry, these bench chisels have been designed with environmental considerations at heart, while still maintaining the same legendary Robert Sorby quality.

The handles are made from certified sustainable American Ash, combining high tensile strength and resilience with long-term timber sustainability and availability.

Chisels have 5-5/8" long blades (including bolster) and 4-3/4" handles, for an overall length of approximately 10-3/8".

Product Specs

Sku: 35989