MicroJig TJ-5000 MicroDial Tapering Jig

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Product Description

For tapered legs and angled cabinet parts, or even jointing cuts it's tough to beat the precision and versatility of the Micro Jig TJ-5000 MicroDial Tapering Jig. Using your table saw's rip fence as the guide for the jig (it's not dependent on the miter slot), the MicroDial can make 1, 2, 4, or even 8 sided tapers, quickly, efficiently and repeatably.

The jig is designed to run exact tapers in 3 different ways. First, the patent pending COLORMATCH System allows you to dial in exact incremental taper angles as accurate as 1/8th (.125) of a degree.

Know how much taper you want per foot? There's a second calibrated scale to set the jig up using rise and run measurements.

Don't know the numbers? The jig will also allow you to to simply lay out the taper on the face of the workpiece and adjust the jig to match.

And, no matter wich method you use, the jig's MEMORYLOCK system will let you preserve up to 2 prior settings for exact, repeatable results.

For maximum safety and versatility Micro Jig recommends pairing the Microdial with 1 or 2 of Micro Jig's GR-200 GRR-Rippers (sold separately), however it is capable of working very well on it's own, especially on wider workpieces. When used in combination with the GRR-Rippers the Taper Jig also has some applications on a router table. USA

Microdial Jig: Includes the Jig; a highly detailed Instruction Manual; and a complete instructional DVD that shows every aspect of the jig's set up and use, including a Bonus Project Plan designed to give to practical experience using your jig.

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MicroJig TJ-5000 MicroDial Tapering Jig MicroJig TJ-5000 MicroDial Tapering Jig - Dial & Scale MicroJig TJ-5000 MicroDial Tapering Jig - Taper Cu Part MicroJig TJ-5000 MicroDial Tapering Jig - 8-Sided Taper

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