Kreg More Pocket Hole Solutions To Trim Carentry w/Gary Striegler DVD

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Product Description

If you're a professional Trim Carpenter, or a serious DIY woodworking enthusiast, you owe it to yourself to learn more about Kreg Joinery - the proven joinery technique that uses a special Pocket Hole Jig, step drill bit, and self-tapping screws, to produce strong, tight-fitting wood joints in a fraction of the time of more traditional joinery methods.

Gary Striegler, a second-generation homebuilder with over 30 years experience demonstrates some of his time-proven techniques for creating classic home details that set his work apart from the competition, and will do the same for you.

In this two-disc Trim Carpentry DVD set, Gary devotes over 2 hours of instruction on how to use the speed, strength and simplicity of Kreg Joinery to create eye catching trim details for the basement and other spaces in your home.

You'll Learn How To:
- Create Your Own Built-In Step-Back Cabinets
- Install Trim Using Proven Tips and Techniques
- De-Clutter Your Closets with Custom Organizers
- Add Classic Wainscoting to Walls
- Build a Media Cabinet
- Make Your Own Cabinet Doors
- Build and Install Custom Interior Doors

2 DVD Set. Color. 135 min. USA

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