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Sorby RSTM-SCT2 TurnMaster Shank with Detail Point TCC Cutter + Enlarge Image

Sorby RSTM-SCT2 TurnMaster Shank with Detail Point TCC Cutter

Item #: 21901
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For those who would rather turn their own handle, here's the un-handled version of Sorby's versatile TurnMaster Tool with a detail point tungsten carbide cutter (TCC). Best suited for line detailing and finishing.

The Robert Sorby TurnMaster is the first wood turning tool in the world to combine three cutting edge technologies in one amazingly versatile tool. It's collection of available parts and cutters make it the most flexible and value added single turning tool on the market today. The TurnMaster will accept any of 3 standard cutters (square, round, or detail), as well as a wide range of other cutting tips which have been specially configured to work with it.The TurnMaster incorporates a patented interchangeable cutter head that locks into three positions. This allows for both scraping (for fast material removal) and shear scraping (for fine finishing and smoothing) options. The round shank has a flat underside for stability on the rest. It has a high tensile strength torx screw to keep cutters tight. It also includes a special key for quick cutter release.

Cutters are available in 3 different materials - tungsten carbide (TC), high speed steel (HSS), and the titanium nitride (TiN) coated Excelsior line. This lets turners select just the right cutter for the materials being turned.

Choose super tough tungsten carbide for roughing operations or for abrasive materials such as high silica exotic woods. Choose high speed steel for clean detail and fine finishing. The titanium nitride coated Excelsior tips offer the same characteristics as plain HSS, but with the added toughness (has an Rc of 90) and prolonged edge life that TiN provides. Both the HSS and TiN cutters are re-sharpenable.

Specifications: The RSTM-SCT2 comes with a Detail Point Tungsten Carbide cutter, but will accept any of Sorby's TurnMaster cutting tips. Also includes a Cutter Release Key, Torx Wrenches, and an Instruction Sheet. The Head and Shank are 10-5/8" long. The shank has a diameter of 1/2". The tang is 2-1/8" long. England

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