MicroJig ZP9-S1 Zero Play Miter Stop

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Product Description

MicroJig #ZP9-S1 Zero Play Stops are designed to travel within the miter gauge slot to serve as an anchor for jigs or hold-downs, or to limit the travel of Micro Jig's ZeroPlay Guide Bars. ZeroPlay Stops ensure a precise stopping point in the miter slot to prevent compromising your projects.

Simply, slide the ZeroPlay stop to the desired position in the miter slot and tighten the nylon screws. Now the stop is in place, ready to help you make consistent and precise cuts, again and again. Plus, they are great for user-built hold down clamps along the miter slot. Includes 1 stop with hardware, and an instruction sheet for building stops and hold-downs. USA

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MicroJig ZP9-S1 Zero Play Miter Stop

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