Jointer & Planer Knives - HSS - 20" X 1-3/16" - Set of 4

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Product Description

These superior quality High Speed Steel (HSS) knives are made from imported German tool steel - grade AISI 03. So highly resistant to abrasion and wear, they outlast ordinary commercial knives year after year. Excellent value! Italy

NOTE ON KNIFE SIZES: Knives are listed by the Length X Width X Number of Knives In the Set. The model descriptions below are for general reference and are not comprehensive. If the knives listed below match what are on your machine then they should fit. Knives should be the same length as your cutterhead or to the nearest 1/8" under. Unless otherwise noted all knives are 1/8" thick and are "blank" (no holes or slots).

#SJK070 20" Long X 1-3/16" Wide x 4 Knives in Set.
Fit: Delta 20" Planer, Many 20" Imports, and similar models

Product Specs

Sku: SJK070