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iVAC Pro Tool HP Switch Box + Enlarge Image

iVAC Pro Tool HP Switch Box

Item #: 27486
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iVac Pro Tool HP is the solution in the search for an automated dust collection switching module that can handle large, high powered shop tools. There are no limits on the voltage rating - and no limit on the current or horsepower ratings. Whether you have a big cabinet saw, planer, sander, or other industrial grade equipment, the Pro Tool HP makes possible the use of the iVac System.

By using the Pro Tool HP in place of the standard Pro box, larger tools that have high start up surge currents, require more than 20 amps of operating current, operate at voltages above 230 volts, or are wired for 3 phase operation, can now be utilize the iVac Switching System. The unit can be used on any line voltage (single or 3 phase) and is active current adjustable for any line current from 0.5 to 4.0 amps.

The Pro Tool HP uses a convenient clip on Current Sensor to interface larger equipment to your existing iVAC Pro system. This is a magnetic pick-up, so no electrical connection is required. The Pro Tool HP module itself is powered by a 115V AC Adapter which plugs into a jack on the module.

The HP otherwise has the same features as all of iVAC's other switch boxes, including: Auto-On-Off operation modes, Wireless Communication between Tool and Switch Boxes, and a Radio Frequency (RF) range of up to 40 ft.

Includes Pro Tool HP Module, AC adapter, and clip on current transformer. Imported

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