Sorby #5167 5 Pc. Octagonal Boxwood Handle Bench Chisel Set

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Product Description

Made to the same specifications as Sorby's Traditional Chisel Set (#62372), but offered here in the much coveted octagonal boxwood handle. Also known as "London Pattern" these chisels have been long considered to be the ultimate in handle design. The octagonal handle not only imparts a beauty and elegance to the tool, it also has practical application. It fits the hand quite comfortably and it will not roll on the work bench.

Boxwood is also extremely dense and not likely to chip. The double hoops in solid brass and the leather shock washers only serve to enhance their strength, appearance, and feel. Blades vary from 5" to 7" in length depending on size. The overall length of the chisels ranges from 10-1/2" to 13-1/2". England

5 Pc. Set: Includes a 1/4" (6mm); 3/8" (10mm); 1/2" (12mm); 3/4" (19mm); and 1" (25mm) chisel; all in a cardboard presentation box.

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