Olson ScrollSander Sanding Belt Assortment - 1/4" Pin End

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Product Description

ScrollSander sanding belts attach to your scroll saw just like a blade - turning it into a precision sanding machine. They easily smooth the edges of scroll saw projects in wood, plastic, metal, and composites, and are excellent for sanding curves, concave or convex edges, and can reach into intersections. Use them to rapidly remove bumps, burns, and feathering, and to correct wandering from a cutting line. These durable, 1/4" wide, fabric backed belts have molded polycarbonate ends for attaching to most scroll saws that take 5" pin end blades. USA

4 Pc. Sanding Belt Assortment: Includes one (1) each of 180 and 220 grits; and two (2) of the 120 grit belts.

Product Specs

Sku: 97805