Olson Universal #0 Spiral Scroll Saw Blades, 12 ct

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Product Description

Olson Universal #0 Spiral Scroll Saw Blades have flat ends for easier blade installation and retention. Saw in all directions with 360 degree cutting capability. Excellent for zero radius scroll and fret work - you never have to turn the work piece. For finer, more intricate cuts in thin wood, plastic, wax, plaster, etc., in materials up to 1/4" thick. Can be used in power scroll saws, hand-held fret saws and jewelers saw frames.

Cutting speed and finish depend on material thickness and number of teeth per inch. These premium blades are made of high carbon steel, hardened and tempered to stay sharp longer. Good for bevel cutting letters in names. Increase throat capacity and cut longer pieces without turning! Blades have 46 TPI and a .032" wide kerf. 5" long with a plain end. Hook tooth pattern. Pack of 12 blades. Germany

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