Jointer & Planer Knives - Carbide Tipped - 13-1/8" X 1" - Set of 3

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Product Description

If you've wanted the durability of solid carbide but balked at the price, these carbide tipped jointer and planer blades are your answer. The cutting edge is hi-grade micro-grain carbide, and the body is tough, hardened steel - a combination that gives you high cutting efficiency with non-chipping resiliency. Italy

NOTE ON KNIFE SIZES: Knives are listed by the Length X Width X Number of Knives In the Set. The model descriptions below are for general reference and are not comprehensive. If the knives listed below match what are on your machine then they should fit. Knives should be the same length as your cutterhead or to the nearest 1/8" under. All carbide tipped knives are 1/8" thick and are "blank" (no holes or slots).

#SCK045 13-1/8" Long X 1" Wide x 3 Knives in Set.
Fit: Delta RC-33 and DC-33 13" Planers, and similar models

Product Specs

Sku: SCK045