Milescraft #DC11601 Dust Cutter Table Saw Dust Bag

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Product Description

Put the low cost Milescraft Dust Cutter dust collection bag on your saw and you'll soon be be breathing easier and your shop will stay much cleaner. Can be used with or without a shop vacuum. Gets up to 85% of dust and chips in collector or funnel mode, and over 90% in vacuum mode. Vacuum port will work with dust collectors or shop vacuums having either 1-1/4" or 2-1/2" hoses.

Bag zips at the bottom for easy cleaning in collector or funnel mode. No need to remove it from the saw. Will fit table saws having base dimensions up to 24" wide by 20-1/2" deep. Attaches to saws with easy to install velcro strips. Made from tough nylon material.

NOTE: Bag only. Shop vac, hoses, and plastic tub not included. Imported.

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Milescraft #DC11601 Dust Cutter Table Saw Dust Bag- Dump Mode Milescraft #DC11601 Dust Cutter Table Saw Dust Bag - Dust Collector Mode

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