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Hydrosorbent Silica Gel Packs prevent condensation, rust, mildew and corrosion in closed storage spaces. Put one in a closet, locker, tool cabinet, box, or drawer to prevent damage to expensive tools, electronics, clothes, or any other item that could potentially suffer moisture damage. Built in color indicator lets you know when the re-usable pack is saturated. Simply warm in an oven to re-new. Should last a lifetime. 750 Gram Pack - Measures approximately 4" x 6" and protects 57 cubic feet. USA

NOTE: Use "Orange" Gel Packs if you need to comply with European Union REACH requirements. All others listed are the North American standard "Blue" Gel Packs.

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750 gram Hydrosorbent
By Tim on May 8, 2014
Burlingame, CA United States
I purchased two of these less than a year ago. When I received the canisters, I noticed that the silica was a light shade of blue and a number of beads were starting to turn pink. Despite following the reactivation instructions I was never able to get the silica in either canister dry. After 6 months the silica turned pink and remained that way even after the reactivation process. Prior to order these units, I had ordered the same 750 gram canister that did not contain Cobalt Chloride. When activated the beads were orange and turned to green signaling the need to reactivate. Same problem, between 6-9 months the beads remained green.

What completely baffles me is that all of the sellers I've talked with imply/indicate that this "reactivation" process should last a minimum of 5 years, some stating a lifetime. Does this stuff go bad? 3 out of 3 canisters having lost their reactivation capacities within a 6 month period? I have had no issue with the small 40 gram canisters, but based on my experience, these 750 gram units are a complete waste of money.