Wixey #WR300 Type 2 Digital Angle Gauge w/Backlight

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Using capacitive measuring technology, the Wixey Digital Angle Gauge accurately sets saw blade bevel angles to a 0.1 degree resolution. Works great for miter saws, table saws, jointer fences and band saw tables. Super strong magnets securely attach the digital angle gauge to saw blades and tool fences.

Easy to use - attach a reference surface, press the ZERO button to calibrate the angle gauge, then attach to the blade to determine the angle. Gauge has a range of +/- 150 degrees, a resolution of 0.1 degrees, a reading repeatability of +/- 0.1 degrees, and is accurate to +/- 0.2 degrees. The display is back-lit in green for easier readability, and the unit has an Auto Shut Off for extended battery life. This the Type 2 version, and it uses a single AAA battery (not included). Imported

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Wixey #WR300 Type 2 Digital Angle Gauge w/Backlight - In Use

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  • Slow as Christmas

  • Seems to work okay but it is slow to adjust when you make a change in the angle. It is somewhat worthless to me since I am not willing to wait so long for it to give an answer. I would recommend you look for another alternative.

  • Posted by Alan Heffernan on Sep 4, 2017

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