Sorby 512 12 Pc. Micro Woodcarving Tool Set

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Product Description

The Sorby #512 12 Piece Micro Woodcarving Tool Set is a beautiful set of tools made especially for small or highly detailed carvings. They are precision close-die forged to ensure accurate shape and size for every blade, then are brought to a high polish to protect against corrosion. Last, and certainly not least, the cutting edge is honed and buffed to razor sharpness for immediate use.

The larger size and shape of the ash handles makes them much more comfortable, especially during long periods of use. The brass ferrules not only look good, they are also functionally shaped to hang on a tool rail - thus making the tools easy grab or put away.

Each blade is etched with the code and size (in millimeters) for easy identification and selection. Tools have an overall length of approximately 6-1/2". England

12 Pc. Set: Includes a 5mm Square Chisel (#5001); 4mm Skew (#5002); 5mm Dog Leg (#5003); 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, and two 5mm Straight Gouges (#5004, 5005, 5006, 5007, 5008); 3mm & 5 mm Bent Gouges (#5009 & 5010); 2.5mm Veining Too; 1/16" Veining Tool (#5011); and a 3mm V-Part. Comes in wooden storage case.

Product Specs

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