Sorby 167-1/8 Octagonal Boxwood Handle Bench Chisel, 1/8"

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Product Description

Bench chisels are the most absolutely essential of woodworking tools, and here we offer them in the much coveted octagonal boxwood handle. Also known as "London Pattern" these chisels have been long considered to be the ultimate in handle design.

The octagonal handle not only imparts a beauty and elegance to the tool, it also has practical application. It fits the hand quite comfortably and it will not roll on the work bench. Additionally, boxwood is extremely dense and not likely to chip.

The double hoops in solid brass and the leather shock washers only serve to enhance their strength, appearance, and feel.

The blades are forged from a special alloy Sheffield steel that has a perfect balance of toughness, edge retention, and sharpness.

Precision grinding ensures backs that are truly flat and bevels that are crisp and accurate. Each chisel is ground to a 20 degree bevel, with a 25 degree secondary bevel, then honed ready for use. Every blade is individually diamond hardness tested to ensure blade quality.

Blades vary from 5" to 7" in length depending on size. The overall length of the chisels ranges from 10-1/2" to 13-1/2". England

Product Specs

Sku: 49832

Product Reviews

  • Not bad

  • These chisels feel great in the hand. The boxwood is dense and has a nice feel. The octagon shapes provide a good grip, however they do still roll some. On the negative side, the steel is a little soft and the edges dull quickly. They do sharpen quickly.

  • Posted by Rugby 2 on Apr 23, 2020

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