Whiteside 2580 Down Shear Flush Trim Bit - 1/2" SH X 3/4" CD X 2" CL

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Product Description

A smooth cutting Down Shear Flush Trim router bit. Used to flush trim overhanging laminates or for pattern guided flush trim work. Down shear design helps eliminate the material lifting that causes chipping and splintering. Carbide tipped. 2 flutes. This bit comes with a B4 (1/4" ID x 3/4" OD) bearing. Whiteside Machine Company - Claremont, North Carolina.

SH = Shank Size. CD = Cutting Diameter. CL = Cutting Length. OAL = Overall Length.

1/2" SH X 3/4" CD X 2" CL X 4" OAL

Product Specs

Sku: R2580