Whiteside RU4700 Spiral Up Cut Bit, 1/2" SH x 1/4" CD x 1" CL

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Product Description

The Whiteside RU4700 Spiral Up Cut Router Bit has an up-cutting action that pulls chips up and out of mortises, slots, and holes. Ideal for deep cutting applications where good chip clearance is a must. The spiral shape provides a shearing action for extra smooth cuts - regardless of grain direction. Solid carbide and double fluted. Whiteside Machine Company - Claremont, North Carolina.

SH = Shank Size. CD = Cutting Diameter. CL = Cutting Length. OAL = Overall Length.

1/2" SH X 1/4" CD X 1" CL x 3-1/4" OAL

Product Specs

Sku: RRU4700

Product Reviews

  • Not good for me

  • I don't see how they can describe this bit as making clean cuts. It doesn't for me making 3/8 inch deep morteses in cherry wood. Sides of the cut extremely irregular. It's gonna give me weak glue joints. I went slow, then I went fast. Then I took shallower cuts. It all came out bad. It's a pricy bit but I can't use it. I finished my cuts with an older straight fluted bit which gave me clean mortise walls. It does plunge nicely though. Maybe these spiral flutes serve better if making much deeper cuts, if one ever wanted to do that for some reason.

  • Posted by Stephen Vossberg on Feb 1, 2018