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Robert Sorby PED01C ProEdge Plus Sharpening System + Enlarge Image

Robert Sorby PED01C ProEdge Plus Sharpening System

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The Robert Sorby #PED01C ProEdge Plus is a revolutionary abrasive belt sharpening system based on the same proven system that Sorby has used for many, many years, to put the final factory edge on their tools. It's accuracy, efficiency, versatility, ease of use, durability, low maintenance requirements, and compact size, make it a perfect all woodworkers, regardless of shop size. With the proper settings and attachments, the range of tools that it will sharpen is impressive. Everything from turning tools, to chisels, carving tools, plane irons, knives, garden tools, and much more.

The system's cool running abrasive belts are a quick and inexpensive method of putting a keen edge on every tool while avoiding overheating. Tools are run through the belts in series by type and grit - Aluminum Oxide for bench and carving chisels, knives, and plane irons; Zirconium for High Speed Steel turning tools, drill bits, and router bits; Ceramic for heavy duty sharpening; and Trizact for superfine finishing of knives and other fine edge tools.

The ProEdge has integrated sharpening angle pre-sets for quickly and accurately locating the most common sharpening angles required by woodworkers - 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 45, 60, 80 and 90 degrees - while still allowing for setting any angle in between. The pre-sets assure that the same angle can be achieved consistently, without any complex set-up.

Optional sharpening guides, honing wheels, and buffing mops may also be added to give the ProEdge even greater versatility. England

ProEdge Plus System: Includes the ProEdge Sharpener; Skew Chisel Jig; Fingernail Gouge Profiler; Standard Gouge Jig; one each of the 120 and 240 grit Aluminum Oxide, and 60 grit Zirconium Belts; plus an Instruction Manual.

Technical Specifications:
Motor - 1/2 hp (375w)
Belt Speed - 700 ft (220m) per minute

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Cutting Edge Technology
By Bob Kolock on September 18, 2015
Rochester, NY United States
I bought this unit as it seemed to be a little easier to use (at least from all the videos and reviews I have encountered) than my current set up. I own the Tormek and a variable slow speed grinder outfitted with CBN wheels that is set up for both Tormek jigs and Wolverine fixtures. Well, I have to say this ProEdge is most definately much easier to set up and use. I like the option to get a flat bevel vs a hollow grind. The ProEdge will fit in very nicely with my other setups. I bought it to use primarily fro my turning tools and this is where it outshines my other rigs. Reprofiling and resharpening are far easier on the ProEdge than either on the CBN grinder or the Tormac. As I mentioned earlier, these other rigs do have some advantages in sharpening knives, plane irons, sissors, and the like. But for my turning tools, no question about it... cannot beat the ease, versatility and repeatability of my Sorby ProEdge.

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