Whiteside 1404B Core Box Bit w/Bearing - 1/4" SH X 1/4" R X 1/2" CD

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Product Description

Also known as a Round Nose bit, the addition of a shank mounted bearing to this core Box bit makes it useful in template guided applications. Excellent for lettering, veining, grooving, and decorative cuts. Carbide tipped and double fluted. This bit comes with a B9 (1/4" ID x 1/2" OD) bearing. Whiteside Machine Company - Claremont, North Carolina.

SH = Shank Size. R = Cutting Radius. CD = Cutting Diameter. CL = Cutting Length. OAL = Overall Length.

1/4" SH X 1/4" R X 1/2" CD X 5/8" CL x 2-1/4" OAL

Product Specs

Sku: R1404B