Crown ST1W Spiralling & Texturing System

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Product Description

The Crown ST1W Spiralling & Texturing System can add an entirely new layer of texture and visual interest to what might otherwise be rather bland turnings. From spirals to barley twists, to rope effects and flutes, striations, whorls, orange peel, and more, you'll be able to add effects can bring both visual and tactile appeal to the turning. And it works equally as well on soft woods as hardwoods.

Blade is scribed with an indexing line to permit the use of Crown's Indexing Attachment. Attachment allows you to upgrade to spiralling tool capabilities. Just add the appropriate cutters. Attachment is indexed to assist in presenting the cutters at the proper angle to the work for various effects. Tool as a blade length of approximately 6" and an overall length of 19". Stained hardwood handle. England

Spiralling & Texturing System: Includes Spiralling & Texturing Tool; Indexing Attachment, an 18 tooth Texturing Cutter; an 18 tooth Spiralling Cutter; an 30 tooth Spiralling Cutter; a hex key, and an instruction sheet.

Product Specs

Sku: 36716