Crown #268K Cryo Hollower & Shear Scraper Set

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Product Description

Years ago tool makers discovered the enormous benefits of cryogenically (super-cold) treated tool cutters, especially plane blades. Now this technology has been applied to Crown's Cryo Hollower & Shear Scraping Set to bring a giant leap in turning tool performance.

Cryo treating cutting tools alters the crystalline molecular form of key ingredients in the metal. This altered structure helps the metal achieve a vast improvement in wear resistance for longer life and longer edge retention, and a superior feel in use.

This set is ideal for small and medium size object turnings and comes with four cryo treated cutting and scraping tips: Two curved edge hollowing probes; a teardrop scraping tip for finishing cuts; and and egg cutter for heavier stock removal. Also includes an information sheet on the cryogenic treatment process. Tool has a 10" long painted ash handle, and has an overall length of approximately 16-1/2". England

Product Specs

Sku: 36714